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yaboVIP8光技术集团网站(www.lusterinc.com , www.teraband.com 等)使用的所有yaboVIP8光技术集团的图案及文字商标均为yaboVIP8光技术集团在中国或其他国家的注册商标或商标,未经yaboVIP8光技术集团书面授权,任何单位或个人不得以任何方式使用上述商标。 

www.lusterinc.com , www.teraband.com 等域名为yaboVIP8光技术集团所有。未经yaboVIP8光技术集团书面授权,任何单位或个人不得使用。



1. 事先获得用户的明确授权;

2. 依据法院、仲裁机构的裁判或裁决,以及其他司法程序的要求;

3. 按照相关政府主管部门的要求;

4. 用户违反使用条款的规定或由其他损害yaboVIP8光技术集团利益的行为;

5. 其他有关法律法规的要求。 

















This website is created by LUSTER LightTech Group. Any individual who wants to enter, browse or use this website should read the legal statement beforehand. If you do not agree with the legal statement, please do not continue. Otherwise, you should have read, understood and agreed to be subject of this statement, and be complied with all relevant laws and regulations.

LUSTER LightTech Group retains the right to change, revise and renew this statement without prior notice.

Intellectual Property Statement

The copyright and other intellectual property of any contents on this website (including, but not confined to, data, words, diagrams, images, audio or video) belongs to LUSTER LightTech Group and/or related parties.Without prior written permission, no one will be allowed to copy, replicate, disseminate, publish, reprint, revise or display the contents of this website. Without written agreement, no one will be allowed to make duplicates on servers other than LUSTER LightTech Group's. Any attempt to use the contents of this website without authorization will be against the Copyright Law of the People's Republic of China and other laws and regulations as well as related international covenants.

Trademark and Domain Name Statement

All the logos and trademarks used on the LUSTER LightTech Group website (www.lusterinc.com , www.teraband.com ) are registered by LUSTER LightTech Group in China and other countries. No organization or individual will be allowed to use part or full of the logos and trademarks without written authorization by LUSTER LightTech Group.
The domain names (www.lusterinc.com , www.teraband.com) belong to LUSTER LightTech Group. No organization or individual will be allowed to use the names without written authorization by LUSTER LightTech Group.

Privacy Protection Statement

The privacy of any users registered at the LUSTER LightTech Group website, including personal information, e-mail, telephone number and addresses, shall be kept confidential, except for the following circumstances:
1. The user authorizes LUSTER LightTech Group in advance.
2. It is in accordance with the adjudication of the court or an arbitration agency, or with other requirements of judicial procedure.
3. It is in accordance with the requirements of related governmental departments.
4. The user violates terms of usage, or does harm to the interests of LUSTER LightTech Group.
5. It is in accordance with other related laws and regulations.


LUSTER LightTech Group is not liable for the accuracy, timeliness, integrity and reliability of any content carried on this website. Any consequences caused by using any content carried on this website are considered the personal responsibility of the user. LUSTER LightTech Group reserves the right to update, modify, delete, suspend or discontinue updates at any time and without notice or liability. LUSTER LightTech Group disclaims the warranties in any circumstances to any losses of users caused by update, modification, correction, deletion, or update discontinuance of the content carried on this website.
LUSTER LightTech Group shall not be liable if the content carried on this website cannot be used, or if any errors happen while using it.
Under any circumstances, LUSTER LightTech Group and any related parties of the company shall not be liable for any decision or measure made in reference to the content carried on this website. LUSTER LightTech Group shall not be liable for any direct, indirect or punitive losses as well as other kinds of losses caused by using this website, including but not limited to business interruption, data loss or loss of profits.
LUSTER LightTech Group and any related parties of the company shall not be liable for any loss or damage of computer system, hardware, IT system or property caused by accessing and viewing this website or by virus infection due to downloading files carried on this website.
LUSTER LightTech Group and any related parties of the company shall not be liable for any direct and indirect loss or damage caused by a third party getting passwords, materials and information through illegal means.

Linking to this Website

Please contact us if you would like to place a link on this website; you may provide a link to this site after obtaining the written permission of LUSTER LightTech Group.
LUSTER LightTech Group has the right to prohibit linking to this website if it deems the conditions are not suitable.
When linking to this website, please use a text link mode (LUSTER LightTech Group will prohibit the use of company pattern and text link mode without written permission); links should be set in another form of open-window displays without displaying within the framework of the site.
This website shall not be liable for any record of browsing due to external links to other websites through this one.

Use and Download of Software from this Website

If it is necessary to download software from this website, the software user should comply with all of the license terms in the software license agreement. Before reading the software license agreement and accepting the terms, no one is allowed to download or install software from this website.

Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

If PRC legal changes lead to the illegality of these provisions, the parties will agree to LUSTER LightTech Group’s right to amend these provisions.
Any controversy and dispute about this website and its statement shall be construed in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China and subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the people's court that has jurisdiction over the case.
The interpretation of this statement and the use of this website are attributed to LUSTER LightTech Group.


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